Top Places to Date Trans people in Cologne : Trendy places, Bars & Clubs

For those searching for true love and sexual relationship in Cologne, this is a city that has great bars. Cologne boast of the best LGBT+ bars around where you can have a nice time and meet the different transsexual woman.

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Top 9 places to Meet Transsexual Woman in Cologne


Excorner is a top fat bar in Cologne which offers premium drinks and is a haven for its clients. Many LGBTQ persons frequent this nice bar.


Schaafenstraße 57–59, 50,676 Köln, Germany


Amadeus is a modest, trendy bar where you can walk in and have a treat. They have some great gay events which you can attend in the evening.

Vor St., Martin 8, 50,667 Köln, Germany

Exile on Main Street

This popular gay bar can be found in a serene location in Cologne. They provide affordable meals and offer free Wi-Fi services.

Schaafenstraße 61A, 50,676 Köln, Germany

Die Mumu

Die Mumu offers their clients great music from their in-house DJs. A good spot to find a transsexual woman for sex and a romantic night.

Schaafenstraße 51, 50,676, Köln, Germany

Kattwenkel Bar and Cafe

This bar is known for its cheap drinks and has a great parking lot. Weekends are fun in this avenue with great music selections.

GreesbergstraBe 2, 50,668 Köln, Germany

Iron Cocktail lounge

The iron cocktail is another trend which has some great services. Their attendants are friendly and attractive. You can enjoy their Kerbside pickup.

Schaafenstraße 45, 50,676, Köln, Germany

Gentle bears bar

Gentle bears is an attractive gay bar that you can enjoy when you are less busy. They open at 7 pm and close by 5 am. A great spot to find gays, lesbians and other serious transsexuals for one-night sex.

Muhlenbach 53, 50,676, Köln, Germany

Baustelle 4u

Baustelle is a bubbling club which offers affordable drinks and meals. The place opens by 5 pm and you can enjoy their live band.

PipinstraBe 5, 50,667, Köln, Germany

Station 2B

Station 2B is one of colognes premier trendy bars with lots of attractions. You can dine in and meet some mature people for sex or long-term relationships.

PipinstraBe 2, 50,667, Köln, Germany

Barcelona Colonia

An attractive bar which offers transsexuals a place where they can meet up without any problems. Great services, cheap drinks and nice music.

PipinstraBe 3, 50,667, Köln, Germany

Where to meet a transsexual woman in Cologne?

Cologne is a safe city which offers the LGBTQ community the best services. If you are searching for members of the same sex for a good time, or a sexual stand, there are many places in Cologne to visit. You have bars that offer great meals, and nice music. They’re good avenues to have a one-on-one discussion with your anyone.

Going out is a way to meet people but not always easy for shy people

When you visit the trendy places in Cologne, you have the chance to find people you are easily attracted to. These places are nice and well-designed avenues where your safety and sexual desires are guaranteed.

However, despite the appealing nature of these bars, your best option remains dating websites for Cologne. These LGBTQ dating sites are more efficient, especially for shy people who have difficulty mixing with people.

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